This Valentine’s triumphs with a spectacular gift

by Antonio Felipe


We now want to propose a very special gift for your partner. Why do not you give something done for you? How about a romantic wooden heart pendant? You could burn your initials in the heart center or put your names. Surely a “I love you” also you like it. And it’s easier than it looks. You just have to draw the outline of a heart on a piece of paper, cut it out and place it on a light wood 3 mm. After you cut the heart silhouette on wood with a small scroll saw and sandpaper. Finally, you should make a small hole to insert a pretty lace.

In addition you can get it melts if you give your gift DIY in one of our luxury bungalows. We can take care of everything for that weekend only pending ye one another. Our offer includes breakfast Valentine weekend, romantic kit with cold dinner on Friday at the bungalow own special Valentine’s dinner.

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