How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the world?

by Antonio Felipe


First, we must bear in mind that this celebration is of Western origin, particularly from countries like UK later exported it to the United States. Since the North American country, he traveled much of the world.

Japan is one of the countries where the celebrations are more curious. Although in most of the world it is the man who spends more money this day, in the Japanese country only woman does gifts, usually chocolates. But do not worry: a month later, in the “White Day” are the men who must give chocolates to women. Another place where Valentine is quite curious is in the United States, where many people choose to give gifts to their pets.

The Valentine accumulates many curiosities. Without going any further, in Colombia the “Day of Love and Friendship”, as they call it, it is held in September.

We will also celebrate Valentine “The month of love“. Furthermore, on Saturday 16 February, we will celebrate a romantic dinner for all couples who want to spend that special night with us.

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