Four keys to a happy retirement

by Antonio Felipe

Having savings or a great pension will be a huge help, but there are more ways to have a happy retirement. That being said, here are five secrets to a happy retirement:


Plan your finances

What do you want out of retirement? Depending on how you want to spend your days, you need to have a retirement income plan to suit your new lifestyle. If you’re not going to have a part-time job, or a side business, you’ll need to manage your existing finances. Figure out how your savings accounts will translate into monthly income, and how much you’ll get from your pension. You also need to consider how much you’ll be able to withdraw each year (the general amount is 4%), and which accounts to withdraw from first to keep taxes down.


Learn new things or pursue your passions

Did you have a hobby you enjoyed when you were much younger? You now have the time to pursue it again – whether it’s playing an instrument, pottery, or painting. Retirement is also a great time to pursue new passions. According to this article from Time, the happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly. It also states that the happiest people pursue social hobbies, such as volunteering, travel, and golf. So try to pick a hobby or activity that involves other people – if reading is your passion, join a book club. If you want to further your education or learn new skills, check out local colleges for adult education. Staying active and engaged will lead to a happy retirement.

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Stay social

Cultivating a circle of friends and maintaining close ties with your family is extremely important. Your relationship with your family and friends often determines the degree of satisfaction and happiness in your life – so try to make time for your children, grandchildren, and existing friends. Your social network might shrink now that you’re retired, so don’t be afraid of getting out there and making new friends. We suggest joining social groups and activities that will enable social interaction with peers. In retirement you are going to want a lot of people who you can count on, so it makes good sense to seek out new opportunities to socialize.

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Travelling during retirement has more benefits than you think. Travel and its associated activities have been linked to healthy aging – boosting physical, cognitive, and social benefits. Things like exploring new cities, visiting museums, having conversations with new people, practicing new languages, and learning about different cultures can stimulate and challenge the brain. If you’re worried about finances, you can buy or rent a motorhome and travel for longer periods on a budget. We recommend going south for the winter so you can enjoy warmer climates. You’ve worked hard; it’s time to reap the rewards.


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