Four tips for the best family-friendly holidays

by Antonio Felipe

If you haven’t done it before, we suggest you read these five tips to ensure you have hassle-free family-friendly holidays.

Plan thoroughly

Travelling with kids is a whole new ball game, so it’s worth planning everything in advance. Do proper research on your destination especially if it’s abroad. What will the weather be like? Are you scheduled to go during a national holiday? There’s also less room for spontaneity when you’re travelling with kids. Whether you’re camping or staying in hotels, it pays to book ahead. You’ll also probably end up saving money with the great family deals available.
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Take advantage of technology

Whether you’re flying or driving, the most compact form of entertainment is a device loaded with apps and games. It might not be something you allow or encourage at home, but it can be a big help during a holiday. A tablet is a fantastic holiday accompaniment with hours of entertainment built into one portable and convenient device. You can also give your kids their own camera (preferably a robust and child-friendly one). This will keep kids busy as well as encourage them to observe their surroundings. And who knows, they might be really good – when last have you seen the world from a knee-high view perspective?

Get active

Children seem to have a lot more energy than adults do, and it’s recommended that they get at least one hour of physical activity every day. There are so many active things you can do while on holiday – a walk on the beach, a brisk swim, or a child-friendly hike. Nothing brings a family closer than a thrilling physical challenge – so if your kids are a bit older, why not try scuba diving, mountain biking, or kayaking. This is a great way to get kids to ditch their computer games and explore the great outdoors. Plus, exercise is known to boost our moods – who wouldn’t want happy kids?


Go somewhere sunny

Sunny holidays are always the best for family-friendly holidays – there’s just so much more you can do. Good weather will give you the opportunity to go to the beach, go camping, or go sightseeing without having to wear a hundred layers of clothing. Sunny destinations are also great for activity-based holidays – which will keep you and the kids entertained for a long time. If you’re not sure where to go, Southern Europe has plenty of year-round sunny destinations.

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