Enjoy luxury caravan holidays with these high-tech devices

by Antonio Felipe

AL-KO Anti Theft System

AL-KO ATS is a gadget designed to help combat the theft of caravans, trailers & motorhomes. It has a state-of-the-art GPS tracking feature that will allow you to keep tabs on your caravan at all times. You can install the device somewhere on your caravan, and then pinpoint the van’s location to 5m. The ATS will send you an alert if your caravan is moved from its location and also provide live updates on the location in real time every 15 seconds. And the best part is that it provides instant global connectivity in over 200 countries with unlimited data, no roaming charges and no hidden fees.


Voltaic Amp Solar Phone Charger

Since not all caravan destinations have electrical outlets, it’s good to invest in solar power devices. The Amp Solar Charger is a compact solar powered charger that carries four times the power and twice the battery storage of most other solar chargers on the market. It works as a universal charger for thousands of compatible devices, including tablets and digital cameras. A full charge will give you up to 14 hours of talk time or 68 hours of music playback making your luxury caravan holidays all the more enjoyable.


Wagan Power Dome

The Power Dome is a multi-purpose portable and rechargeable emergency power source. It does just about everything: jumpstart your tow vehicle, inflate a tyre, run a laptop on 240V power for 4.5 hours, or keep a smartphone charged for days. Wouldn’t it be great to be prepared for almost any roadside emergency? It also features an AM/FM radio and an audio jack so you can play music through its built-in speaker. Additional features include heavy-duty battery clamps, a 5-LED work light, and a USB power port.


Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven Stove

Just because you’re in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to eat like you’re Bear Grylls. If you’re planning on camping in the wild, the Camp Chef Camp Oven Stove will change the way you dine. Fresh rolls, pizza, veggie bake, and even a chocolate cake can now be made on your luxury caravan holidays. You can enjoy five hours of cooking with just a single propane tank, and the oven fits a 9″ x 13″ pan inside.



Since you’ll be on the road so often, there’ll be times when you won’t have any signal. IsatHub gives your smartphone and tablet 3G connectivity via satellite, whenever and wherever you need it. The IsatHub service is accessed from your smartphone or tablet, and allows you to text, make phone calls, and go online even if your device is for WiFi use only. You can check your emails, phone your grandkids, or surf the web wherever you are in the world.

Now that you’re all kitted out with the best gadgets and accessories, you’re ready to take that road trip. If you’re travelling to the Costa Blanca, Marjal Camping & Resort has a campsite zone with the biggest plots in Europe, and stunning facilities and amenities. Camping in Costa Blanca also means you get to enjoy scenic stretches of coastline and year-round sunny weather perfect for those luxury caravan holidays. Contact us to make a booking today.

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