A guide to camping in Alicante with kids

by Antonio Felipe

With sunny skies, mild temperatures, tranquil Mediterranean waters, and a mountainous landscape – camping in Alicante is a treat for the whole family. To ensure you have a smooth camping trip with the kids, we made this guide to help you out


1.       Plan thoroughly before your trip   

Planning is one of the most important steps when it comes to a family holiday. We recommend making a checklist before your trip – just to make sure you don’t forget anything. There are a few checklists online that you can download and personalize to suit your needs (Wilderness for Kids has a great one). Are you sleeping in a tent, caravan, or motorhome? Make sure you have the proper sleeping gear to suit your accommodation. We also recommend testing out your gear before your trip. Does the air mattress work? Do your torches and headlights have spare batteries? Is your food equipment in working order? After you’ve done all of this and think you’re all set, we suggest double checking your list before you head off into the wild yonder.



2.       Pick a good camping site and plot

There are about 23 campsites in Alicante – ranging from very basic campsites (one star) to some very luxurious ones (four stars). If you’re staying in a tent, caravan, or motorhome, make sure the site you choose can accommodate you. If you’re sleeping in a tent, set it on a flat piece of ground, away from dangerous overhanging branches. Some sites, like Marjal, also offer the option to rent a mobile home or a bungalow. We recommend a campsite that offers toilets, showers, and swimming facilities – whether it’s a pool, a lake, or a beach. Some campsites have extra amenities like electrical points, Wi-Fi zones, play parks, and sports facilities – which is great for when you’re camping with kids.

marjal piscina.jpg


3.       Get the appropriate gear

Camping gear is essential for a successful camping holiday. If you want a more comfortable sleep, we recommend using a camp stretcher instead of a sleeping bag. You’ll also need fold-up tables and chairs, toiletries, miscellaneous items like a radio, batteries, matches, lanterns, and cooking equipment – including a grill, foil, tea towels, crockery and cutlery. (Love the Outdoors offers a more comprehensive list of all the things you need). You need to prepare for sunny weather when you’re camping in Alicante. It can get pretty hot depending on when you go, so we suggest you pack in sunglasses, sun hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen. It’s also advisable to pack in breathable fabrics like silk, linen, and cotton, a good pair of walking shoes, swimming costumes, a warm jacket and flip-flops.


4.       Play it safe

Camping in Alicante is pretty safe, but you’re going to worry about your children’s safety no matter where you go on holiday.  For peace of mind, pick a campsite close to a town with medical facilities, or better yet, pick a campsite that offers medical consultation. You should also pack a First Aid Kit – a basic one will include: Band-Aids, Ibuprofen, bug-bite remedies and repellent, cotton swabs, tissues, disinfectant, sunburn lotion, and heat/cold packs. It can also be helpful to bring along a pair of tweezers, as playing in the outdoors can lead to kids getting splinters in their hands and feet.

caravaning xperiene mcb.jpg

If you’re thinking of camping in Alicante, head to Marjal Costa Blanca Camping & Resort. We have a wide range of services and facilities to ensure you have the most enjoyable camping experience. The kids will be spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment – with three tropical swimming pools, 2 heated pools, sports facilities, a games room, and a Kids Club. Our camping plots are between 90 and 180 square meters each, all fully equipped with toilets, showers, electrical points, and a TV connection. Whether you want to stay in a motorhome, caravan, tent, or one of our bungalows – contact us to make a booking.



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