New theme corners in the buffet

by Antonio Felipe

Because after a year working or studying Supervacaciones they are mandatory. So this summer, we have prepared a very special experience in our buffet: a journey around the world through different theme corners.

  • Vegetarian Corner (Monday): In Marsh have always supported the vegetarian culture. Therefore, every Monday, we have in our buffet a corner dedicated to this cuisine: salads, grilled vegetables, crudités …
  • Alicante Corner (Tuesday): The earth calls us, who do not! So we want to spend every Tuesday a special corner to Alicante cuisine. Seasonal vegetables, fresh fish brought from the market, of course aromatic herbs and olive oil. 100% Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Indian Corner (Wednesday): Rice, meat, spices … Indian cuisine is synonymous with strength and flavor. Unable to resist a good couscous.
  • Sailor Corner (Thursday): In a coastal province like Alicante could not forget the seafood. In our sailor corner you will find from Mussels to hake in green sauce or cod in sauce peppers. A real treat!
  • Mexican Corner (Friday): We love Mexican food! Their nachos, burritos, fajitas, raucous always in perspective … mandatory stop!
  • Italian Corner (Saturday): Pasta, pizza, fresh salads … Italian cuisine speaks for itself.
  • Asian Corner (Sunday): Whether China, Japan and Thailand, Asian cuisine is full of intense flavors and fresh produce. In our Asian corner you can find a good example: rice, noodles, tempura …
  • Kids Corner: And of course, we could not forget the kids in the house. For them we have a special corner with food they like: burgers, fries, pizza, pasta salad … The best? The desk is the perfect height to serve themselves.

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