Be smart with these money saving tips for young families

by Antonio Felipe

1. Track your spending 

Tracking your expenditures is probably one of the best money saving tips we can give you. Sometimes you don’t even realise how much you’re spending. For the next month or two, keep your receipts or download a budgeting app. You might be surprised to see where your money goes. That daily cappuccino costing you about 2 euros every day, could cost you over 400 euros over the span of a year. How often do you get takeout? Buying a snack or lunch every day could be costing you around 150 euros a month. Try to find out which purchases are absolutely necessary.


2. Plan your meals

Most young families spend a substantial amount of their money on food.  Having a meal plan prevents you from throwing out food you forgot you had in the fridge. Also, by taking the time to plan your family’s meals, you remove the excuse of not knowing what’s for dinner. It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting takeout because you don’t know what to have after a long day looking after the kids or at work. By having a meal plan, you’ll go to the grocery store with purpose and won’t end up buying unnecessary goods.


3. Shop smart 

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save money on groceries and other household items. There are simpler ways you can cut down on your grocery bill. Firstly, don’t be afraid to shop around and compare prices. You can do simple things like choosing the generic brand for household items and avoiding ‘prepared foods’ – it’s so much cheaper to make those dishes yourself. Try to get everything you need in one trip, and keep an eye out for specials. Shopping around for cell phone plans, insurance, satellite TV, internet, or just about anything else you pay for regularly, might just help you find a deal that could change your lifestyle.


4. Have family fun on the cheap

Not every outing needs to involve money. You could spend the day at a park, go to the beach, visit museums, or head to the library. Some libraries even have story time and other activities for kids. For when you’re feeling the pinch, you can entertain at home. A stash of board games, a movie night with popcorn and snacks, and a DIY craft session can keep your kids occupied for hours. If you feel like eating out, look out for restaurants that let kids eat for free or at a reduced price.


5. Be energy smart

Not only does saving energy help the environment, but it also saves you money. If you can’t afford fancy solar panels or low-flow toilets, you can still save energy the old-fashioned way. Switch to energy-saving lights and unplug items like toasters, kettles, coffee makers and device chargers when not in use. You can also turn off lights, take shorter showers, and set a timer on your water heater. Doing this will lower your utility bills, meaning you have spare cash to spend on more important things.


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