Triathlon winners MC I Guardamar

by Antonio Felipe

 More than 150 participants wanted to join this first edition participating in our different categories: Olympic, sprint and relay.

In the form of spint the winner was Fernando Lopez de Sagredo, club Fasttriatlón Club. He made a total time of 59:51 minutes, with 10 minutes in the swimming event, cycling 29:28 and 18:55 in the race. Followers Ruben Santiago Lopez, Trival Triathlon Club Valdemoro, with 1:01:20 minutes Arturo Lucas Ruiz, AD Oekabo Triathlon Club, with 1:01:31.

In the Olympic gold method it was for Pedro Antonio Lopez de Haro, Daemons Triathlon Club Rivas, with a time of 1:52:22. Followed by Matthew Pesquer Campos, Mandarache Athletics Club Cartagena, with 1:55:12 and Amancio Guerrero Romero, of the University of Alicante, 1:56:03

Meanwhile, in the relay category, the winners were Antonio sprint mode, Juan Miguel and Jose Luis (1:09:17) and Sergio, Roberto and Jose Antonio (1:54:28) in Olympic.

Congratulations to all! And the other participants, thank you very much for sharing this special day with us.

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