Cross XI Urban Real Villa Guardamar del Segura

by Antonio Felipe


Riders may participate in all categories, from baby to senior, and also veterans and disabled. Registration for senior, disabled veterans and cost € 6, and lower levels of 1 €.

Testing will begin on Friday 6th at 17:00 h. and the route is 500 m. to Benjamin and fry, and 7580 m. for all other categories. Among the prizes for participants and winners are shirts, medals, trophies (including the Marsh Trophy for which beat the record of evidence), weekends stays, menus for two people, medical checks, vouchers for sportswear, sport equipment…

So if you like to run, please register. And surely then you need to rest and relax after so much effort, we invite you to stay in Marsh and enjoy our facilities. We will wait for you!

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