Welcome to Alannia Resorts

by Fran Aldeguer

We landed in 2020 with a new name and a completely renewed image.

From now on all our establishments will be named Alannia Resorts, so that Marjal Costa Blanca will be from now on Alannia Costa Blanca and Marjal Guardamar will be Alannia Guardamar. These two Resorts together with Alannia Els Prats, our camping-resort located in Tarragona, form Alannia Resorts.

Although by the crazy times we are living some of us would think that an alien has abducted us and suddenly we have become Alannia Resorts, nothing is further from reality. This is just a name change to express a same idea: we want to make you happy during your holidays.

Besides, this change will allow us to continue growing up so that soon you will have Alannia very close from your homes.

Alannia Resorts is also a new way to reinvent ourselves, to be more fun, closer, more responsible with the environment, more for all families and, definitely, a better version of ourselves.  All this watching the soul of Marjal Resorts because it is what has brought us here.

Get ready because this year comes with a lot of new dances, shows, gastronomic experiences, family activities and many other surprises.

¿Could anyone imagine a better place than Marjal Resorts? We do, and it’s called Alannia Resorts.

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