Budgeting tips: How to save for that family holiday

by Antonio Felipe

Develop a budget plan
This is one of the most important budgeting tips. Without a budget, you won’t be able to properly determine the amount you need to save for your holiday. A budget plan will also help you manage your money better, so that you can easily see where you can cut out unnecessary costs. Go online to check out the general costs of daily living in your preferred destination. Remember to factor in important costs such as transport, accommodation, entertainment, food, and spending money. By doing this, you will get a clear idea of how much your holiday will cost and how much you need to save.


Open up a savings or investment account
A piggy bank might be a cute way to save for a new pair of shoes, but it’s not ideal for a holiday. Open up a savings account and deposit reasonable amounts regularly to create realistic expectations. We suggest an automatic transfer – this way you don’t need to think about it every month and you ensure that you meet your savings goal. Also, by depositing it in an investment account you can earn interest on it, increasing the sum massively. An account like this will prevent you from using the money for your daily life. This is also a great time to teach your kids about the importance of saving; we suggest getting them a piggy bank or a coin jar so they can save up towards their spending money.

Cut down on your everyday expenses
If you want an awesome holiday, you’re going to have to make a few small sacrifices before your trip. You can’t avoid your set expenses, but you can control what you spend on groceries, eating out, shopping, that daily takeaway coffee, clothing, and other similar things. All these ‘phantom payments’ (small expenses we don’t think about) will eventually add up to a large sum of money. Making your own coffee and cooking your own meals will work out much cheaper. After all, what’s more important: your daily overpriced latte or spending more time on a tropical beach with your family? Check out these everyday budgeting tips from Lifehack to push you in the right direction.



Look out for deals
Take the time to shop around for the best holiday deals and packages. Whether it’s accommodation, flights, or activities – look around, mix-and-match, or find all-inclusive deals. Sometimes, booking your flights and accommodation way in advance can also help you avoid unnecessarily high costs. If you are flying, try to fly during off-peak times as these flights tend to be a lot cheaper. If you want to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money, check out comparison websites. This will help you find the best rates on things like flights, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance, and package holidays. Just make sure the ‘cheapest’ option includes all the extras like insurance and tax.



These budgeting tips will ensure you’re on the road sooner than you may have planned. If that road happens to lead you to Alicante in Spain, you should check out Marjal Costa Blanca Camping & Resort. Holidays in Alicante are perfect for all families – sunny weather, great beaches, and stunning accommodation. With five tropical swimming pools, daily entertainment, affordable accommodation, and modern facilities – Marjal Costa Blanca Camping & Resort will be worth every penny. Contact us to book your next family getaway.

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