The benefits of physical exercise

by Antonio Felipe



Physical exercise, either short or long duration, helps us establish a mental wellbeing, improving personal autonomy, memory, speed of ideas, and so on. And it helps us promote endorphins (“happy hormones”), which results in feelings such as optimism or auforia while we improve self-esteem of people, resulting benefits in both healthy subjects and people with diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension or diabetes.

Among the key benefits are 2 types:

Biological benefits: improves the shape and physical endurance, regulates blood pressure, improves insulin resistance, increases muscle tone and strength, flexibility and mobility of joints and reduces fatigue.

Psychological benefits: increases self-esteem and self-image, lowers tension and stress, reduces the level of depression, helps to relax and increases the general welfare.

All efforts to improve physical fitness should be introduced gradually and under the assessment and supervision of qualified persons. (Coaches, Doctors, Fisios …)

Each coach must analyze well the demands of the sport that our client wants to practice before deciding what their training plan.

From Marjal Sport we offer you the means to meet all these requirements and achieve the demands of our customers.


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