A great british weekend

by Antonio Felipe

The Campsite is one of the most modern in Europe with over 1,400 pitches, plus Park Homes, Lodges, Fitness Gym, Spa and Swimming Pool. At the end of February the site is at its busiest, with in the region of 2000 to 2500 guests, many of whom are British.

Every month at present the Campsite hosts a ‘Holland Day’ with Market Stalls and Music, for the Dutch people on the site and in the area.

‘In simple terms, it struck us that there are many British people in the Area and on the Campsite. So why Not a ‘British Market day’ says Jean Mcquee coordinating the day, with Roger Stone. ‘We had a meeting of around 30 people on the site, who all thought it a good idea, and are out in the locality trying to find all sorts of stalls for the event.

The Camp Site Director, Enrique Folgado, has endorsed the event and apart from the Market Day for Saturday,31st January, other events are also planned for that weekend to make it a Great British Weekend.

The emphasis is British and we are seeking to find Meat, Food, Jewellery, Clothing, Gifts, Arts and Crafts stalls for the day. Plus Local Charity Stalls, Cycle Repairs, Internet and Computer Supplies. The Campsite will not be charging a fee for the pitches, we can provide tables and power. Any suggestions we will consider.

It’s hoped that this day will be successful and the Campsite will follow up the event with further Market days.

Planning A Great British Weekend

For Information please Contact Jeanhmckee@gmail.com

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